Is Popcorn a Good Diet Snack?

We all know that popcorn is a healthy snack. A snack with low fat levels and good fiber and carbohydrate content but is it good enough to be termed as a good diet snack?

Well, yes.

Popcorn can easily make it to your diet plan if you know what kind of popcorn is the best for you. Don’t be confused. When I say kinds of popcorn I mean the way they are popped, as in air-popped or microwave popped and what are they served with. It’s easy to guess that air-popped plain popcorn is the healthiest of the lot. Let’s take a look.

Air Popped Popcorn

One major reason plain air-popped popcorn scores over microwave popped popcorn is the Teflon-lining found inside microwaveable popcorn bags. Lets just say its not exactly beneficial for you. Also, most of us go for butter popcorn over the normal plain popcorn because of the extra flavor that it has. While that butter provides extra taste to the popcorn, it also adds up in the calorie count. Butter, although tasty, is a high calorie food, and while some calories are good, the ones you consume from butter can be excessive.  Plus many types of microwave popcorn contain altered fats and little to no actual butter.

Popcorn Diets

You will also come across several diet plans centered around popcorn. The basic idea behind these plans is to eat as much popcorn as you want. This will mean that you will never be hungry because of the high amount of fiber in popcorn. Consequently, the consumption of other foods will be reduced. Such programs will need you to pop the popcorn without oil, which will ensure that they are low on fat. But just in case you are someone who cannot have your popcorn without some flavor to it, you can always go for olive oil as a substitute for butter. Also, sea salt is always better than the normal salt while dry herbs like oregano and paprika along with other spices can make good and interesting combinations.

There are many different ways to make popcorn, but one thing is for sure: popcorn can make a quick and healthy go to snack!

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